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Valentina Orjuela

Art Director & Product Design Engineer

​ I'm an explorer mostly, but also a creator, a dreamer, a bit of an innocent and another bit of an outlaw.


I was born in Colombia, and my first memory is about falling in love with life, with everything that surrounded me, all things beautiful and weird, the loudness of nature and the light in the stories I heard. I'm the oldest of five, and my family has always been my center.


​ I studied Product Design Engineering with emphasis in redesign, and focused in the world of sustainability, towards the end of my degree I travelled with a team of other 20 engineers to Australia, to participate in the world's largest solar vehicle rally, along 3,000 kms in the desert.


I worked for two years in a small startup company that developed prototypes for electric vehicles, and then decided to go see the world, I went backpacking for two years and walked over 52 countries, losing sight of the boundaries between reality and dreams.


The end of my journey lead me to Miami Ad School where I studied Art Direction for two years and had the opportunity of interning at amazing agencies both in Berlin and

New York City.


I've seen a lot of magic, and now I want to create it and share it with others.


Awards & Nominations

-Clio Sports 2020 - Bronze Digital/Mobile

-Clio Sports 2020 - Bronze Social Media

- ADC Young Ones 2020 - Bronze Cube

- Young Ones Brief 2020 - Merit

- Vega Digital Awards 2020 - Gold

- Creative Conscience Awards 2020 - Bronze

- Creative Conscience Awards 2020 - Shortlisted

-NYX Awards - Gold

- Applied Arts 2020 - Winner
- Muse Creative Awards 2020 - Silver

- Creativity Awards - Silver

- Featured in Muse by Clio Talent - 2020

- Ads of the world 2019-2020 - 6 Publications

- D&AD Future Impact 2019 - Shortlisted
- Creative Conscience Awards 2019 - Shortlisted
- RSA Student Design Awards 2019 - Shortlisted
- AFF District ADDY 2019 - Silver
- Adobe Achievement Awards 2018 - Finalist

- Miami Ad School 2018 - Top Dog
- National Engineering Award 2014 - Winner
- National Regional Engineering Antioquia Award 2014 - Winner

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