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Google Pitch

Google develops a new device to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Hypersensitivity to Sound to listen to the world.

Google Pitch buds are wireless earphones specially designed for the autistic community.

Unlike other earphones, they are not designed to receive remote sound, but to translate the sound of the world

around them.


Google Pitch software actively transforms sharp sound waves into harmonic frequencies, similar to those found in music, using real time audio-filtering based on deep learning and adapting to each user's noise perception.


As an alternative to earplugs and silence, Google Pitch provides a new and easier way for children with ASD to interact with the world.

To launch the product we designed an experimental activation: A giant cube installation with surround sound system and sound-waves mapping where users will be able to listen to disorganized sound frequencies, emulating how people with ASD perceive sound daily, and then witness how this frequencies are softened using Google Pitch's software.

This emulator will help any audience relate to the problem and understand the impact of the solution.

We also developed an app concept to retrieve information from the earphones and deliver a personalized experience for each user. Designed exclusively to enhance ASD children's everyday life.

Role: Concept, Research, Art Direction & Design

Credits: AD: Sofia Coelho / CW: Patricia Argüelles

Google Pitch
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GP Concept App

Miracle Modus

An interactive screen to help users get back into calm during emotionally complicated situations, using sound and video animations; Hundreds of different modus are available and users can swipe through them in an accessible gallery. 

GP Concept App


This feature tracks the user's sound sensitivity measuring heart rate spikes associated to noise spikes, finding patterns that can help the user develop healthier daily-life routines.


Also view recommendations based on current and historic health graphics displaying user's stress level, mood/feel, and energy levels. 

GP Concept App


Obtain reports on daily or monthly data that can easily be sent both to the user's doctor, to obtain feedback or diagnosis, and/or to an international ASD database, which is working daily on understanding and developing better techniques

to treat ASD.

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